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The Household Division

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The Life Guards - The Blues and Royals - Grenadier Guards - Scots Guards - Welsh Guards - Irish Guards - Coldstream Guards
The Regiments that form the Household Division have a long and proud history, mostly dating back to the time of the English Civil Wars and the Restoration in the middle of the 17th Century. Since that time, they have proudly carried out a dual role as the Sovereign’s personal troops and the nation’s crack fighting soldiers.

The Household Division, of the British Army, enjoy the privilege of guarding The Sovereign and the Royal Palaces, but soldiers in the Household Division are first and foremost, combat troops who are at the forefront of Britain's commitment to the UN and NATO and many of the soldiers you see on ceremonial duty will have seen active service.

His Majesty 'The King' is Colonel in Chief of all the regiments in the Household Division, which consists of two regiments of the Household Cavalry and five regiments of Foot Guards, they are The Life Guards, The Blues and Royals, Grenadier Guards, Scots Guards, Welsh Guards, Irish Guards & Coldstream Guards.

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