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02 Jan What people are saying about us.
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Don't just let us tell you, here's what our customers say about ColdstreamKit ..........Quite simply, Second to none. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Keep up the excellent work.Robert TColdstream kit, does exactly what it says on the tin. Second to none servicePete RAlways top quality products you're my first choice for products muckaStephen GGolden s..
01 Jan The King's Guard and how to spot the differences
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If you’re on this website, then you’re probably already familiar with the King’s Guard, and indeed the Household Division.  If you are, then this information is probably not for you.If however, you are not familiar with the Household Division, then this blog post will let you know the differences between the Regiments of the Household Division, a..
28 Dec Charity Donations for Xmas 2023
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THIS IS WHY IT'S ALL WORTH IT!Because this WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!It's truly incredible (and incredibly humbling) to witness what can be accomplished when collaborating as a 'team', and this recognition extends to everyone who has lent their support in various ways.A MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you; without your support, this wouldn'..
23 Jul Propaganda (Info) Posters of World War One (and Two)
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Let's talk Propaganda Posters!(see this link for products)I think we’ve all seen one or two of the Propaganda Posters that were produced many years ago, we’ve also probably heard quotes that originated from the posters, such as ‘Loose Lips, Sink Ships’ and ‘Dig for Victory’.Looking at them today, they may seem out of place in today’s world, bu..
20 Feb Regimental Blankets for the Household Division
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Did you know we offer Blankets?Let’s talk blankets, you know - the things we need to have that 'snuggle cuddle' when no one is looking.New to ColdstreamKit are a fantastic product that we have been getting some really nice feedback from.These are ‘Microfleece Blankets’ and they are not small coming in at 175cm by 125cm – a very decent size indeed..
04 Oct Yeovil Rugby Club Merchandise and Clothing NOW available
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ColdstreamKit is proud to produce merchandise, clothing and gifts for Yeovil Rugby Club.The Official Logo (used by permission) of Yeovil Rugby Club and 10% of all sales will be given back to Yeovil Rugby Club.There are a range of products available featuring the Yeovil Rugby Club Logo that can be found HERE.Many of these products can ALSO BE PERS..
23 Jul Regimental Face Masks
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By popular demand, FACE MASKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE from ColdstreamKit, you can find them HERE.WHY ARE YOU SUPPLYING FACEMASKS?2021 UPDATE: More face mask designs have been added HERE.To be honest, we did not have any intention of supplying facemasks because we didn’t want to appear like we were ‘trying to cash in’ on the current pandemic (if this wa..
12 Jul Op Telic & Op Banner Designs
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We’ve been busy trying to create some designs for Veterans of different ‘Theatres of Conflict’ over the last couple of weeks.We have a couple of designs being finished but the first two designs to land are the Op Telic (Iraq War) Veteran’s Design and the Op Banner (Northern Ireland) Design.If you Google both the conflicts, you’ll find lots of..
12 Jul Going Retro with Pixel Art
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Pixel Art is one of those things a little like Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it.The majority of people seem to like it though, the retro feel from yesteryear.It’s funny, with so many advances in Graphics, Display and Printing, that we should go back to designing something that was the ‘norm’ in the 1980’s.So, with that said, we couldn’t ..
09 Jul COVID-19 and how ColdstreamKit is affected.
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COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone, this thing is not going away quickly, and we are all doing our best to get through this trying period.As we are re-opening during this period, ColdstreamKit would like to wish you and your family the very best of health, and we hope that you are managing to adapt to everything.Regarding COVID-19, many..
27 Jun It's ALIVE!  optical illusion mugs - not for the faint hearted!
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See the Optical Illusion Mug Collection at this link.It’s great having kids!I’m often reminded of the things I took so much joy in looking at when I was younger, normally when they come across something they have never seen and think it's something new.The other day, one of the kids came running downstairs and asked me to look at a picture that see..
21 Jun One Team One Fight, Ambigram (reads upside down)
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There's something about 'Ambigrams' that fascinates me since finding out about them many years ago, something as simple as a word that can be read one way, but show another story altogether when flipped over (or mirrored).WHAT'S AN AMBIGRAM?The definition of 'Ambigram' is:A design that may be read as the same word, name or phrase (sometimes two dif..
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