The Victorian era was a great turning point for many writers from Charles Dickens to the Bronte Sisters, and there’s something about that style of writing that fascinates me.

Many people recognise the style from Pub Boards and Signs, where the notices stand out on a black surface, not really knowing that this is a call back to the Victoria Era.

We wanted to create some designs to reflect the Victorian / Vintage style of ‘Typography’ (The style and appearance of printed things). 

Normally, this style of writing works best on a dark surface, and we have noted this on the descriptions of the items below.

Firstly, we have created a T-Shirt design, in the Victorian Style for ALL Regiments of the Household Division, a few of these are shown below.

Secondly, we wanted to create a mug design but mugs start off as a white base, that left us with the slight problem that we couldn’t just replicate the design on a Black Box, because that would be lazy.

For our Grenadier friends, we have two versions available (the Grenade and Cypher version).

The Mug designs are slightly different to the T-Shirt designs but are in the same theme, each featuring the Regimental Logo of the chosen Regiment.

All of these designs can be found at this link.