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23 Jul Propaganda (Info) Posters of World War One (and Two)
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Let's talk Propaganda Posters!(see this link for products)I think we’ve all seen one or two of the Propaganda Posters that were produced many years ago, we’ve also probably heard quotes that originated from the posters, such as ‘Loose Lips, Sink Ships’ and ‘Dig for Victory’.Looking at them today, they may seem out of place in today’s world, bu..
20 Feb Regimental Blankets for the Household Division
1 290
Did you know we offer Blankets?Let’s talk blankets, you know - the things we need to have that 'snuggle cuddle' when no one is looking.New to ColdstreamKit are a fantastic product that we have been getting some really nice feedback from.These are ‘Microfleece Blankets’ and they are not small coming in at 175cm by 125cm – a very decent size indeed..
23 Jul Regimental Face Masks
3 2217
By popular demand, FACE MASKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE from ColdstreamKit, you can find them HERE.WHY ARE YOU SUPPLYING FACEMASKS?2021 UPDATE: More face mask designs have been added HERE.To be honest, we did not have any intention of supplying facemasks because we didn’t want to appear like we were ‘trying to cash in’ on the current pandemic (if this wa..
27 Jun It's ALIVE!  optical illusion mugs - not for the faint hearted!
0 453
See the Optical Illusion Mug Collection at this link.It’s great having kids!I’m often reminded of the things I took so much joy in looking at when I was younger, normally when they come across something they have never seen and think it's something new.The other day, one of the kids came running downstairs and asked me to look at a picture that see..
21 Jun One Team One Fight, Ambigram (reads upside down)
0 403
There's something about 'Ambigrams' that fascinates me since finding out about them many years ago, something as simple as a word that can be read one way, but show another story altogether when flipped over (or mirrored).WHAT'S AN AMBIGRAM?The definition of 'Ambigram' is:A design that may be read as the same word, name or phrase (sometimes two dif..
13 Jun The Fantastic Four - Part One
0 351
With this blog post, the first of many 'Fantastic 4' posts, we’ll take a look at 4 designs that are available on ColdstreamKit in greater detail.EVERY JOURNEY HAS A BEGINNING – CROW TRIBUTE DESIGN: Firstly we have the ‘Crow’ design.  A tribute to all of us that have stepped through the gates of the Guards Depot, as crows, to leave as men a few mo..
13 Jun On the 8th Day, God Created ..................
0 319
We have created a few ‘8th Day’ designs in the past, in fact, one of the first designs we created many years ago was one of these designs ...................... we wanted to create another.With this ‘8th Day’ design we wanted to play more on the ‘Typography’ (style and appearance of printed things), of the design rather than the graphics – we hop..
12 Jun The more 'Traditional' look ........ hopefully.
0 304
The Victorian era was a great turning point for many writers from Charles Dickens to the Bronte Sisters, and there’s something about that style of writing that fascinates me.Many people recognise the style from Pub Boards and Signs, where the notices stand out on a black surface, not really knowing that this is a call back to the Victoria Era.We ..
01 Jun The Fantastic Four - Part Two
0 202
The second of many 'Fantastic 4' posts, where we take a look at 4 designs that are available on ColdstreamKit in greater detail.ONE TEAM-ONE FIGHT AMBIGRAM:Our first look is something a little strange called an 'Ambigram'.  We have a more in depth blog post HERE about this design but basically, the designs says 'ONE TEAM' when looking at it, and ..
26 May The United Colours of Guards Wear
0 382
Our most ambitious project yet!Many months ago, it was suggested that having a 'range' of designs that were both colourful, Regimental and unique would be great for people that wanted to support their Regiment but in a more modern way.This idea led to the creation of 'Guards Wear'.The idea was simple, but very challenging so it was something that w..
06 May Beach Towels, but use them anywhere.
0 195
Did you know we offer Beach Towels?We’ve had some AMAZING feedback from our Beach Towels that are available in a wide range of designs, with new additions being added all the time.The sizes of these towels are HUGE, measuring 160cm by 80cm, and not the smaller 140cm by 70cm towels offered by others.These towels are made from 70% cotton and 30% po..
05 May Who remembers the Guards Depot?
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The Guards Depot and remembering it fondly.There is a location in Pirbright (or Caterham) that many will never forget.It’s a location that turned many men into boys and brought enough tears to fill a few Jerry Cans, ten times over.Whether you travelled to Caterham or Pirbright, you will have that pride in place that you made it through with so many..
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