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17 Jul The New Features of Coldstreamkit, and more ......
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This blog post will hopefully cover why it’s important for you to register for an account on ColdstreamKit.  If we could only say one thing to you, it would be ‘FREE STUFF’, yep – that’s right, FREE!  We’ll cover this in greater details below, but remember, the ‘FREE STUFF’ we mean relates to people that have created an account on ColdstreamKit.THE..
23 May The importance of Colour
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It’s important sometimes to look at the artwork that is being printed, before selecting the t-shirt colour that you would like, just to make sure it works.The example images below will hopefully explain this.IMAGE 1:This is an example of a design available in our ‘Non Military Range’The image on the left is the design on a black t-shirt, the image ..
18 May Non Military, Mug & T-Shirt Packages
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There's nothing better in life than finding a bargain ........................... well, there is - lots of things, but we're just trying to set up the story.A long time ago, a prince visited a village ............... that's enough of the story, now onto what's important - SAVING CASH!We have a few Military 'T-Shirt and Mug Packages' available, but ..
15 May The Queen's Guard and how to spot the differences
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If you’re on this website then you’re probably already familiar with the Queen’s Guard, and indeed the Household Division.  If you are, then this information is probably not for you.If however, you are not familiar with the Household Division, then this blog post will let you know the differences between the Regiments of the Household Division, a..
15 Mar Retro/Vintage Prints - the difference
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The difference between Standard and Retro/Vintage printsSometimes, on particular designs, a design will be created (and printed) with a Vintage/Retro look.  Hopefully this will explain the difference.The image below shows the same design, but printed in 2 different ways.The Vintage look is shown on the left, the standard look is shown on the right...
14 Mar Get involved with ColdstreamKit?
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Do you have a talent/skill that others may purchase?Coldstream Kit can offer those with specific talents/creation skills, a platform to sell their items onto others through this site.  If you are interested please contact us with with details/images, but please read below for guidance.[POINTS TO NOTE]◆ 1. All items sold through Coldstream Kit w..
14 Mar What is 'DTG' (Direct to Garment Printing)?
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So, what's DTG printing?The short answer:If you imagine a normal printer that you feed with sheets of paper and print out pictures and text - a DTG printer is a much larger printer that is fed with garments on a conveyor belt system.  Those garments (t-shirts, hoodies etc) are printed with specialised inks giving more flexibility in colours an..
01 Mar Points mean prizes
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want something for free?There's a saying that goes something like "There's no such thing as a free lunch" ...... well, that's not the case with ColdstreamKit!We value our customers, so much that we want to give you 'something back' when you make a purchase from us.A new feature to ColdstreamKit is BONUS POINTS given to you from every purchase you m..
01 Mar Enough colours to shake a stick at!
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Colours to suit every moodAll T-Shirt Designs on ColdstreamKit (unless specified on the description) have a HUGE variety of colour choices.There are a total of 18 colours to choose from, a few of these colours go up to 5XL, others range from Small to 2XL.The Colours available are:Colour sizes available:A breakdown of the colour and size available i..
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