We’ve been busy trying to create some designs for Veterans of different ‘Theatres of Conflict’ over the last couple of weeks.

We have a couple of designs being finished but the first two designs to land are the Op Telic (Iraq War) Veteran’s Design and the Op Banner (Northern Ireland) Design.

If you Google both the conflicts, you’ll find lots of ‘similar’ designs, so we wanted to create something fresh.

The first design is the Op Banner Design, dedicated to Veterans who fought in not only the longest British military campaign, but also, the most controversial and misunderstood.

We’ll not go into politics here but the simple fact is that we wanted to create something that reflected the time spent on Op Banner, and some iconic characteristics from this time.

We have some recognisable aircraft and many Op Banner Veterans will have travelled on, plus some of the vehicles most used during the Conflict.

The silhouettes on the design reflect the years that the conflict ran, and how the British Soldier deployed at that time, from 1969 to 2007.

It’s important that we remember Op Banner because of the many that were lost and injured.  Many will think of Op Banner as just a 6 month Tour walking the streets of Belfast, but those that served will know it as something a little different.

DID YOU KNOW, that about half the total of 650 British soldiers to die in the conflict were killed in the years 1971–73. In 1972 alone, the IRA killed 100 British soldiers and wounded 500 more. In the same year, they carried out 1,300 bomb attacks and 90 IRA members were killed.

Our next design was for Op Telic (The Iraq War) Veterans.

Operation Telic (Op TELIC) was the codename under which all of the United Kingdom's military operations in Iraq were conducted between the start of the Invasion of Iraq on 19 March 2003 and the withdrawal of the last remaining British forces on 22 May 2011.

A total of 179 British Armed Forces personnel or MOD civilians have died serving on Operation TELIC since the start of the campaign in March 2003. Of these, 136 were killed as a result of hostile action.

The design we created for Op Telic Veterans featured the standard weapons used plus familiar aircraft and vehicles seen if you served on this Tour of Duty.

The wording ‘Op Telic’ is shown using 5.56mm/7.72mm and 9mm rounds.

You can see both these designs at the ‘related products’ below or by clicking on the Links below.

We have more 'Op' designs coming very, very soon.

For Op Banner, click here.

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