COVID-19 has had a huge impact on everyone, this thing is not going away quickly and we are all doing our best to get through this trying period.

As we are re-opening during this period, ColdstreamKit would like to wish you and your family the very best of health, and we hope that you are managing to adapt to everything.

Regarding COVID-19, many products that we provide are sourced from a third party.

For example, we print mugs, but we don’t ‘make’ those mugs.  These come to us in bulk from a third party (wholesaler).  The same goes for t-shirts, we print them, but we don’t have a cotton factory to make them (lol).

Most Companies and Small Businesses are managing to push through this period by adapting ‘social distancing’ measures and other recommended practices.

For that reason, and we say this only to be totally transparent, there may be the following:

**CHRISTMAS ORDERS** for 2021, must be placed by Wed 8th of December 2021, to guarantee delivery for Xmas.

1. Orders dispatch/processing time may be affected causing some delay in your order.  This is due to possible delays in sourcing ‘blank’ products to us.  If that company has a delay in getting the item to us, so we can print it, then this delay will be added to our processing time.

2. Some products may be replaced with near identical products.  When we say this, we don’t mean that if you order a mug we will send you a spoon.  What we mean is predominantly the ‘brand’ of garment you order.

For example, our main T-Shirt brand is the ‘Gildan Heavy’ T-Shirt.  If you order a particular size and colour and this is not in stock, we may have to replace it with another Gildan brand, for example the Gildan ‘Ultra’ Cotton.  Both of the t-shirts are the same sizes, but one is a different brand and to be honest, unless you’re a t-shirt connoisseur, you probably won’t even tell the difference.

3. Most items that we dispatch would 'normally' require a signature but due to current ‘social distancing’ measures this is no longer available.  All items however, will be digitally signed as ‘delivered’ by the person/company delivering the product, to allow a digital trail in case of lost items.

4. Some items are temporarily out of stock due to our supplier meeting problems fulfilling orders from us.  We would like to add these items onto our catalogue, but we foresee a huge delay in completing an order so, for those reasons, we thought it best to temporally, make them out of stock until further notice.

Hopefully, apart from a very slight delay in dispatch/processing, you probably won’t even notice these changes, but like we say, we want to be totally 100% transparent.